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Social Networking on the Road – Text Message Via License Plate with PL8Scan

Road RageThere is a new social networking service on the loose called PL8Scan. This service allows users to sign up to receive text messages from other members via their license plate number. Now, this certainly isn’t my idea of a way to meet boys, but I think it has some FANTASTIC possibilities!

I’m a bit of a road-rager, so I’m really in to the idea of being able to let other drivers know what they’re doing wrong. Because OBVIOUSLY it’s them doing something wrong – not me. I can really see saving templates in my phone for things such as:

  • Get out of my lane a$!hole!
  • You should pull over and never drive again.
  • Green means ‘GO’! and (ironically)
  • Get off the phone and drive!

But there may be nicer ways to use this application as well. What about:

  • Your gas cap is off.
  • Something fell out of your truck bed (very important here in the south).
  • Your tail light is out.
  • You’re blocking me in. If you move your car, you can take my spot.

Granted I would be COMPLETELY freaked out the first time some creepy guy in the next lane tried to hook up. Think about all of the teenagers who won’t have to pull over in gas station parking lots to talk to the hottie who leaned out of the car window. However, no information is available besides the license plate number, unless the user creates a profile. I guess that means the person doesn’t then have access to your cell number.

Via TechDirt. (Who doesn’t share in my PL8Scan love-fest)