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SOLO Smart Strap Laptop Cases

Solo BagSolo, formerly known as US Luggage, has created a new “smart strap” laptop cases that is there when you need it and out of the picture when you don’t. Why can’t I meet a guy like that?

According to the Press Release,

SOLO Smart Strap(tm) laptop cases feature a padded shoulder strap that automatically retracts into the body of the case when not in use. Forget about snagging loose straps on door handles, airplane armrests or tripping over dangling shoulder straps. Whether you want to carry a SOLO case in your hand, roll it, or throw it over your shoulder, the Smart Strap(tm) shoulder strap will never get in your way.

Seriously, I’m a big fan of things being out of sight and out of mind when I don’t want them around. I think this is a great new product. Get it here.