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Soonr iPhone App Remote Document Access

Soonr is an iPhone app that should be high in priority for every business traveler. This particular application allows you to sync your files from your laptop or desktop to your iPhone, this providing you with the opportunity to TCOB from anywhere your phone goes. It isn’t always convenient to drag out your whole laptop just to edit one little document; Soonr will save you the headache of scouring the airport for a power outlet just so you can add that new sentence to your presentation.

First, you have to download Soonr to your computer, whether your a Mac or PC person and of-course get the app through the App Store. You then choose which files you want to sync between your devices. Soonr then automatically updates the files as you edit them, so you always have the latest version, whether you’re working from your phone or your computer. No, you don’t have to sync your documents each and every time you’re in the office. Great, huh?

Working on a team? Soonr makes it easy to share your documents with your coworkers by email or text. You can leave comments on a document if you’re working on it with multiple people and you can see when other documents that people have shared with you have been edited or have new notes.

The iPhone app is free for storage up to 500 megabytes. A pro version is available if you have a ton of documents.

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