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Southwest Airlines Dress Code

Kyla EbbertPoor Kyla Ebbert. Actually, poor stupid Keith – the Southwest Airlines flight attendant who is likely going to be out of a job after the lawsuit the Ebberts will surely file against the company. Kyla Ebbert was thrown off a flight between San Diego and Phoenix because the flight attendant said she wasn’t dressed appropriately for travel. I see people walking around regularly in less clothing than this girl, so I don’t understand what the deal was. The top was snug and the skirt was short, but she wasn’t showing her business and that is all that matters.

Now the family is overplaying Kyla’s deviations at being told she was dressed inappropriately and the fact that she was going to a doctor’s appointment. You have to get sympathy somehow. The fact of the matter is that it makes no difference where she was going, that guy was out of line.

After the incident, the San Diego Union-Tribune called Southwest to see if the airline had a dress code. The newspaper quoted the agent it spoke with as saying, “We don’t have a problem with it if she’s covered up in all the right spots. We don’t have a dress code.” I guess just Keith has a dress code.

The Ebberts have engaged an attorney to help them decide what to do next. I smell a fortune in an out of court settlement.

Just to compare and contrast, lets see Kyla next to some of the stewardesses of the past in the getups the airlines required them to wear:

Stewardess 1

Stewardess 2

Stewardess 3

And my personal favorite:

Stewardess 4

Photos via BoingBoing.

She doesn’t look so bad next to those ladies. Do you think they’re going to call it Kyla Air or Ebbert Airways once she owns the company.

What’s your stand on the subject?