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Southwest Airlines Monster Energy Drink

Southwest Airlines is so proud of serving Monster Energy Drink that they’ve put out a whole press release about it. So we’re going to have a bunch of Southwest passengers duking it out over seat assignments while they’re hopped up on energy drink? Great idea, guys. The airline began serving the Low Carb version of beverage, which has only ten calories.

You can now purchase an 8.3 ounce can of Monster Lo-Carb for $3 or redeem a drink coupons for the beverage. What the hell? ExpressJet just announced they’ll sell you a bottle of wine for $3. On Southwest, that doesn’t even get you booze.

I’m sure the flight attendants are thrilled to be working with passengers on Monster quantities of caffeine. And I’m sure they’ll be even more peppy than usual. Maybe they’ll perk up and get over kicking people off their flights for dress code faux pas. I do like Monster okay though.