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Special September Sale on Business Travel Logue Advertising

From time to time, we hear from people who are asking about how they can advertise here on the Business Travel Logue. So we wanted to let you know that not only is it really easy to put your ad on the site, we’ve got a special discount going on right now that’ll let you do it for less.

In addition to the bigger banner ads that you’ve probably seen on this and many other websites, we also have another option for the people who don’t have the gargantuan ad budgets – they’re “self-serve” badge ads, so-called because you get to create your own ad online and submit it all in one transaction. They’re a great option for companies that want to get their name out there, but don’t have either the advertising budget or an ad agency on hand.

And right now, creating your own self-serve badge ad on the Business Travel Logue is an even better deal for first-time advertisers, because we’ve got a special promotion going on through the end of the month. By using the code FIRSTTIME (all one word) when you create your ad and check out, you’ll get 15% off your first ad purchase. Just click on this page to start creating your very own ad, and then don’t forget to use the code FIRSTTIME when you’re checking out to take advantage of the 15% discount.