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Sprint PCS has the Cure for Connectile Dysfunction.

Sprint has launched a new “website experience,” which is a fancy name for a PR site, to “help users afflicted with ‘Connectile Dysfunction.'” I know, WAY too many quotations for one sentence.

Connectile Dysfunction is “inability of wireless broadband users to get and hold a connection.” I love it when companies make not-so-veiled sexual innuendos in marketing campaigns. We could use more of those in the U.S. Europe is all over it. is an online treatment center to help anyone who has suffered this fate. The interactive experience interviews and walks patients through an actual tour of facility, providing background on the disease and a cure for the afflicted. The site includes hilarious content and personalized viral videos.

Connectile Dysfunction sounds like a terrible thing. I hope none of you suffer from this affliction in your future business travels or otherwise. The intro video on the website is HILARIOUS and a must-see for all of you who travel for a living. There are LOADS of others on YouTube, so check them out.