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Stanley Park in Vancouver, British Columbia

Stanley ParkStanley Park is a FANTASTIC place to spend a free afternoon in Vancouver, which you’ll see is a favorite of locals and visitors alike. The park stretches for miles along English Bay, Burrard Inlet and Coal Harbour and the sea wall runs the length of the park. There are numerous ways to spend your time at the park, from walking or biking along the sea wall, visiting the lighthouses, lawn bowling, Pitch & Putt golf, visiting the rose garden or the aquarium, swimming in a pool or the sea (if you have really thick skin, which I do not) or visiting the totem poles.

Stanley Park WaterI enjoyed walking the sea wall along False Creek from the area near Granville Island to around Prospect Point in the Park. There are statues and beaches along the way, with tons of benches and places to stop for a bite or a drink. It’s stunningly beautiful with those Pacific Northwest evergreens, flowers, blackberries and beaches. It was interesting to me that there were so many logs on the beach. People use the logs as a place to sit, much like beach chairs or blankets in other places. I can only assume the logs were put there to help slow beach erosion.

Stanley Park StatuesStanley Park BeachA word of caution, the park is currently under construction because of some prior weather damage. I only stopped when I did because the path was closed for a stretch thereafter. That meant I didn’t get to see the totem poles, which were my main goal. I just didn’t have time to retrace my steps and redirect. If there is anything in particular you want to see, check the map and take the closest route there. Also, make sure the workers aren’t on strike for the place you want to visit. The pool at Third Beach was closed due to a strike during my visit.