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Stranger Soap. Holiday Inn in Texarkana, Texas

I was mostly finished with my shower, after having arrived in Texarkana, Texas at approximately 11:00 p.m. one night, when I found it. Sitting there in the recessed soap dish of my hotel shower was a previous guest’s pre-used soap.

It was the standard issue hotel soap that you find at the tub-side or counter top. In and of itself, the soap was pretty offensive by being in my shower. Of-course after finding stranger soap in my hotel room, I started questioning whether or not the shower had been cleaned at all. Which, in turn, made me curious as to whether the room had been cleaned, the sheets on the bed changed, the toilet sanitized, it basically made me question everything about the place. I got out of the shower and called the gentleman I’d just spoken to at the front desk. I told him I found stranger soap, he said “okay.” I said “Well, that’s just gross.” And he asked “What do you want me to do about it?” He then offered to knock $5.00 off of my hotel bill and said he would notify housekeeping. It wasn’t nearly the reaction I expected, especially being a ‘gold member’ of this hotel’s rewards program. So as much as I like this chain in general, I would not advise staying at the Holiday Inn Express in Texarkana, Texas.