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Sunday Travel Assistance Service

Sunday is a service that offers business travelers most everything they need in the way of travel assistance. This service is perfect for those of you who have to plan your own travels or who share an overworked assistant with several other people. Lets face it, your time as a business traveler is valuable. The less time you can spend on logistics and the more you can spend on work, the better. Sunday can help you with all of those little time consuming details, and free up your time to take care of business OR to enjoy a few extra minutes of down time while someone else does all of the work. The best part is that Sunday is reasonably priced enough that your employer shouldn’t even mind footing the bill.

Sunday will provide you with assistance 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Much better hours than your personal assistant at the office. The service is based on a per request basis, rather than an hourly basis, allowing you to send in tasks as they arise.

What do they do?

Sunday’s always-accessible agents can make outbound calls, arrange travel plans, set dinner reservations, enable remote access to numerous websites and take action in emergency situations. Agents can make international calls to most countries at no additional cost for members of the Gold service plan. Messenger and errand services are also currently available in NYC. The proprietary Sunday Portal facilitates the interaction between members and agents. The Sunday Portal saves member information, including contacts and login details to many leading websites (Yahoo!, Google, Seamlessweb, Zipcar, Fandango, ASMALLWORLD, etc.) in an encrypted format allowing agents access to the information.

What types of services does Sunday offer? There are a bunch! For instance:

* Set appointments
* Make restaurant reservations
* Order dinner for delivery
* Dispute charges/file complaints
* Change address for subscriptions
* Find doctors in your health plan
* Schedule doctor appointments
* Event/sports ticket purchases
* Online and catalog purchases
* Online product recommendations/pricing
* Set golf tee times
* Schedule wake-up calls
* Birthday greetings calls
* Make PDF files
* Make international calls
* Book travel (air, hotel, car)
* Real-time flight status updates
* Frequent flier account updates
* News article searches
* Dictation for emails/messages
* Track down lost property
* Zipcar reservations
* Driving/walking directions
* 411 – phone number/address info
* Find items in a specific location
* Find a mover, maid or handyman
* Find a locksmith
* Arrange car service
* Search online personals (woo hoo!)
* Messenger/errand service in NYC

Now that is what I call assistance!

How does it work? First, you sign up for the service and add any personal details you want to your profile. When you need help, email or call Sunday for your request. Sunday will perform the required task and contact you with the final details. It’s like having an easy button from Staples!

Sunday is currently available across the US, Canada and the UK and plans to expand to other major cities around the world. Membership plans start at $29 per month for up to 30 requests. High rollers can get the Gold Membership for $49 a month for a whopping 50 requests per month. Overages are charged on a per request basis. There is no fee to join and you can cancel at any time.

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