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Swap Airline Miles and Hotel Rewards Points with

We recently received notification that the site had undergone an upgrade – including a new look and a “community functionality” that includes nearly all the big rewards programs – so we thought it was a good opportunity to bring this review of the site back up to the front page. With more rewards programs included in now, the number of programs you might be enrolled in that you wouldn’t be able to track from within is far fewer than it used to be. allows users to track, swap, earn, buy, gift, share and redeem miles in one handy location. With loads of participating partners, this can be a huge help. Each partner has their own rules and restrictions, so this works better for some than others.

  • Track: All of your (partner) points program balances in one place.
  • Swap: Unfortunately, many programs will allow you to swap in but not out. So I could potentially trade my American miles for Priority Club points, but I can’t trade my Priority Club points for American miles. Also, when you swap it is usually at a loss. Like right now I could swap 18,296 American miles for 12,422 Priority Club points. The only reason you’d want to do this is if you REALLY want the swap in miles and you don’t think you’ll ever redeem the swap out miles.
  • Earn: Promotions for things like “Earn 2 Mileage Plan miles for every dollar spent at Barnes and Noble.”
  • Buy: Buy miles or points up to a certain amount in a given timeframe. Like “Buy [American miles] in increments of 1,000 miles to a yearly maximum of 40,000 miles.”
  • Gift: Give your miles away. Works about the same as buy and share.
  • Share: Share miles with other people in the same program. For example, share your American miles with up to 3 other AAdvantage member recipients.
  • Redeem: Get products or gift cards for hundreds of online retailers in exchange for points and miles.

Airline Participants: Aeroplan®, Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan, American Airlines AAdvantage®, Asia Miles™, British Airways Executive Club, Delta SkyMiles®, Frontier Airlines EarlyReturns®, GlobalPass® Mileage, HawaiianMiles®, Lufthansa Miles & More®, Midwest Airlines Midwest Miles, Northwest WorldPerks®, Scandinavian Airlines EuroBonus, US Airways® Dividend Miles®, Virgin Atlantic Flying Club.

Savings & Hotel Participants: BabyMint, CruisePoints, KidsFutures, NestEggz, Priority Club® Rewards, ReserveAmerica, Starwood Starpoints® and TripRewards®

Frequent Shopper Participants
: American Express® Membership Rewards®, assistant™, ChanceRewards™, eBay Anything Points™, e-Rewards, Esso Extra, Gold Points Reward Network Gold Points®, Hbc Rewards, Hotspex, Microsoft™ Points, My Smart Rewards,, S&H greenpoints, Starbucks Card Duetto™ Visa® (Canadian Currency), Starbucks Card Duetto™ Visa®(US Currency), Starbucks Card Reload (Canadian Currency), Starbucks Card Reload (US Currency), ValuePoints

Redeem Participants: Too many to list. You’ll have to check the site.