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Swap Frequent Flyer Miles for Stuff

We at the Business Travel Logue already provided you with the Ultimate Guide to Selling Airline Miles some time ago. Now, we’ve fallen in love with a new service that allows you to swap your airline miles for stuff.

At (I know, there are plenty of dirty jokes there), regular people (not retailers or businesses) can post items or services they are willing to swap for airline miles or airline tickets. I know there was a little airfare bubble this fall, but now you can score some rock bottom rates. Keeping that in mind, you might be able to better negotiate your particular trade. If you already have a ton of miles but they’re for the wrong airline, you can post your airline miles to trade for the miles you need.

According to the press release,

A painter recently offered to paint an entire house for 2 tickets to Hawaii. Another member swapped several antique chairs for 2 tickets. A frequent traveler with a substantial miles balance swapped for accounting services, 12 massages and a ticket to the BCS Championship football game.

When times are tough, we go back to the bartering system. It’s almost like a garage sale for airline miles, which is pretty awesome. If you like to travel, you can use MileHighSwap instead of posting your junk on Ebay or Craig’s List.

Now I’m a little sad I gave away all my Northwest miles…