Business Traveler Interviews

Some time ago, we started interviewing business travelers to get their travel tips and also to create the start of a you-heard-it-from-the-horse’s-mouth archive of the kinds of jobs that involve travel for anyone who’s looking for a career that’ll keep them on the go. We’ve now got enough of these interviews that it’s time for a table of contents, of […]

Travel Job Resource: Travel Jobs Board

BootsnAll Travel Network (the parent company of the Business Travel Logue) has introduced a new offering to their extensive network of travel resources. The website now has a TRAVEL JOB board, listing travel jobs in various areas. Now, they have offerings in the airline industry, travel nursing, travel writing, resorts and cruise ships. For those of you rotting in a […]

Travel Jobs: Peace Corps

Be a Peace Corps Volunteer. That’s right, one more way to get out of the cube farm without having to sell anything. Peace Corps jobs are for those who are really dedicated to travel and aren’t afraid to commit. I’m pretty dedicated, but the word “commitment” gives me the willies so I guess this type of work really isn’t for […]

Travel Jobs: US Foreign Service

Be a US Foreign Service Officer. It’s another way of avoiding jobs where “closing the deal” is necessary to remaining employed, while still allowing you the freedom to travel. Foreign Service Workers are those dedicated souls who work their hearts out at the US Embassies around the world. In my travels, I’ve only dealt with the embassy in Peru. The […]

Travel Jobs: Coding Auditor

Be a coding auditor. What have we here? You’ve got it – another non-sales travel job. Yesterday I caught up with my friend Sarena to find out about her fabulous travel job as a Coding Auditor. Coding auditors are in the business of auditing physicians to ensure the physician’s documents contain the correct medical information. The auditors work for insurance […]