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Take a Cab in Philly

I may only be the ripe ole’ age of 28 and from a small town in Arkansas, but I’m a traveler and a pretty adventurous girl. I’ve been around enough to know the ins and outs of traveling pretty much anywhere. I’m no rookie. I’ve been skydiving, white water rafting, I tried to ride a bull once, I even got robbed in Lima, but nothing has ever been scarier than riding the Philadelphia subway system.

Okay, getting robbed was but not by much.

The Philly subway system was so frightening that I paid $20.00 to get back to my hotel so I wouldn’t have to make the return trip from the Vet. That’s right, the Vet. This trip was several years ago, 8 games before the Vet was imploded and disappeared forever. They lost to the Cards.

What’s so scary? It’s basically empty. I can deal with crowds of people, but when there is only me and one other person in the car and NOONE in the next car, I start thinking of the creepy things that could happen. When I got off the train to walk up to street level, there wasn’t anyone around.

I guess what I’m getting at is when in Philly, rent a car or take a cab.