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Take Your Executive Assistant to Work in Boston and NYC

LimoCommonwealth Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation, a company providing luxury business and leisure chauffeured transportation, recently launched its “Take Your Executive Assistant to Work” program. What? Throughout the summer, Commonwealth Worldwide will honor 25 executive assistants in New York and Bostons. The executive assitants, who will be selected from a variety of industries, will receive a ride to and from work in one of Commonwealth’s full-service limousines. Allrighty, that will save them about four bucks on the subway. Kidding. It would be nice to roll up to the office in style.

Commonwealth Worldwide is asking New York and Boston companies to nominate deserving executive assistants for the program. Submissions will be chosen by Commonwealth Worldwide CEO Dawson Rutter. All companies can submit their nominees by sending an email to

“Executive Assistants are the glue that holds organizations together at all times,” said Dawson Rutter, CEO, Commonwealth Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation. “For 25 years we continue to experience and appreciate their professionalism and tireless work ethic everyday, as our company works closely with executive assistants, delivering executives from red-eye flights cross-country to last-minute trips in and out of the city. We find it fitting to show our gratitude by providing the same gold level service we offer CEOs on a daily basis.”

Go ahead, nominate your executive assistant today.