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Teleflip Free Email to Text Message Service

Teleflip offers a service called Flipmail for the few of you who don’t have web enable cellular phones or PDA’s. Flipmail will convert your email to SMS text messages so that you can view them directly from your phone. It can also prevent you from racking up huge data usage charges if you don’t have a comprehensive data package with your cellular provider.

This service will work anyplace you have cellular service, which can be a big bonus over the holidays. If you’ve ever been without email for a few weeks, you know for sure how it can pile up.

Teleflip’s flipMail is an easy to use, secure service that lets anyone send or receive mobile email for the price of a standard text message. To get in on the action, you need to complete the registration form at

The coolest thing about this service is that you can list which senders from which you would like to receive email messages, so you don’t have to worry about getting spammed every time you get some random advertisement. “This selective email function ensures users’ text inboxes remain spam-free,” which is my favorite part of the program.

This is a free service, and users can instantly begin receiving approved email on their mobile phones. With my data plan, I can receive alerts when I receive an email, but I can’t customize which senders I would like to receive alerts from. That means I get interrupted day in and day out, whenever I receive ANY email message. Not cool. But with flipMail, you receive alerts only from the people you actually want to hear from.

FlipMail works on any cell phone, on any carrier and does not require any special downloads, data plans or mobile Internet capabilities. Users can turn the service on or off anytime.

Teleflip recently received Popular Science’s “Best of What’s New” 2007 Award, which means some other people think it’s pretty great, too.