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TextAloud Lets You Listen to E-Mail While Driving

Talking ComputerTextAloud, a text to voice program offered by NextUp Technologies, LLC, enables users to LISTEN to any text file, including e-mail. Road Warriors can upload e-mail to Outlook and listen via laptop or save them as MP3 files and listen via iPod or MP3 enabled navigation systems while they drive. That is if you’re too scared to e-mail the normal way – on your cell phone.

Why do I want to use this? I want to upload my e-mail to my iPod and listen while I hit the gym. I hate getting to the hotel room and taking an hour or so to read and answer e-mails before I get my workout. That pushes everything back and cuts in to my fun time.

I like multi-tasking. Especially if it means I get to spend less time working and more time doing something cooler. If you have something pretty lengthy to read, you could prop you laptop on the counter and listen while in the shower. Just try not to get electrocuted.

Great strides have been made to create realistic computer voices, without much success. Mike, under the AT&T Natural Voices was definitely the best for US English. PRWeb suggests this program for long haul truck drivers to use for entertainment. I think if Mary M. really is listening to scientific books with this program (with all of her alleged high tech gear in her truck cab), she would have wrecked on purpose by now. I mean, some of them are great for computer voices, but not for entertainment. If you want to listen to an audio book, get one from Cracker Barrel. This program definitely has its uses, but that isn’t it.