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The Art Institute of Chicago: Priceless

The Old GuitaristGot a free evening in Chi-Town? Head downtown to the Art Institute for Free Tuesday. Guided tours are available at certain times on these evenings. Everyone needs a little Cezanne and Toulouse-Lautrec every now and then. Picasso is my fav, and he’s pretty well reprenented at the Institute. This is one of the most amazing collections in the United States so you really have to go at least once. If you don’t, your artist friends will shake their heads in pity at you. Trust me, I know.

Ladies, leave your high heels at home. I had on a pretty comfortable pair of shoes and I still though my feet would fall off by the time I reached the second floor. I’m sure people though I looked thoughtful when I sat down on the bench in every room, but I knew the real truth.

Don’t like free stuff? Ticketmaster will be happy to sell you a full priced ticket on their website, even for free Tuesday. Seriously.

Wherever you start in the city, make sure you end up at the Adams/Wabash L stop. You can take the Brown, Green, Orange, Pink or Purple lines. The museum is directly in front of the stop once you reach street level. You can’t miss it.