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The Beer Belly Cooler

We told you about the Reef Flask Sandals and we told you about the Sit-n-Sip, and now we’ve discovered the Beer Belly Cooler. The Beer Belly Cooler is the newest device available to help you cheap out on high beer costs at sporting events and concerts. It’s an 80 ounce bag you strap on your belly that stores your favorite beverage. It looks like the fat suit counselors and the Dad on 10 Things I Hate About You use to show teenage girls what they would look like if they were knocked up.

You can order the Beer Belly Cooler from The Deluxe Kit is an affordable $49.95 and usually ships within 24 hours. With the Deluxe Kit, you’ll receive everything you need for a little cooler fun, like the Beerbelly Sling and Bladder, the Pleasure Extender, and the Specially formulated One Step Beerbelly Cleanser. And it even qualifies for free shipping.

Ladies, don’t try this at home. You know how people are always going around feeling on preggers womens’ bellies. You’ll get busted for sure. You can, however, order the similar Wine Rack. Use your imagination…