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The Daily Dose – 09.21

1. Go work off that airport meal and kill some time outdoors in St. Louis. [St. Louis’ Forest Park: More Than Picnic Ants!]

2. From checking your mail to saving your data, keep your PC safe during travel. [Business Travel Tips]

3. Very little of this has to do with travel, but the part that does is BRILLIANT [World’s Greatest MBA]

4. Businesses offsetting carbon dioxide emissions; it’s not ideal but a step in the right direction. [Free Flow: Paying Pollution Costs When Executives Fly]

5. Invisible surfing in your hotel room, just don’t use your passwords. [Browser Lets Users Surf Web Without a Trace]

6. Don’t want to be late for that meeting, keep an eye on the traffic with a Google Gadget. [Traffic Check Plugin]