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The Daily Dose – 09.26

1. The greatest business card scanner in the world. [scanR Is the World’s Most Accurate Business Card Scanner]

2. This might be the coolest thing ever, except I wouldn’t want 2000 people at a trade show to have my room number. [Info Rings Save You From Carrying Around Business Cards]

3. APEC in Viet Nam [Vietnam to begin granting APEC business travel cards]

4. Spa’s aren’t just for vaca. anymore. [More hotels give guests opportunity to go ahhhh]

5. Registered travelers won’t have to shell out the big bucks [TSA To Set RT Fee]

6. Faster than Domino’s Pizza, Rescuecom can be your IT savior within 1 hour anywhere in the US [Safety a Top Concern for Business Travelers; Tips to Keep Technology Safe for Road Warriors]