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The Daily Dose – 09.27

1. Like you need another reason to love your iPod. [Turn Your iPod Into a Computer]

2. Not exactly cutting edge, but everyone needs a WiFi finder [ZyXEL AG-225H 802.11a/b/g WiFi Finder, USB 2.0 Adapter, and Soft Access Point]

3. A navigation system you can use wherever you go. [Mio H610 Personal GPS Unit To Hit U.S. in November]

4. Get a travel massage. [Rest, Revitalize Even While on the Road]

5. Saving your company some dough while you earn rewards. [Delta, Amex link-up saves money for businesses]

6. No surprise, considering we’re racking up the points for our loyalty. [Business Travelers Chained to Favorite Hotels; Nearly 70% are Brand Loyal, According to TripAdvisor Survey]

7. Didn’t see those delays coming. [Fliers Allowed Liquids, but Some get Frustration]