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The Daily Dose – 10.13

JasonIn honor of Friday the 13th, I’m dedicating this Daily Dose exclusively to business travel horror stories. Thankfully, I wasn’t able to find enough material that occured in the last 24 hours to keep it current, so don’t expect breaking news this time. Hope you like it!

1. Those nice guys in the music industry. [Local Rhythms – Music Biz Blues Have Me Seeing Red]

2. Who knew space conferences are such a hate fest… [We don’t like you. We really, really don’t like you.]

3. From the New York Times. [The Romance of Business Travel and Other Myths]

4. Horror in Puerto Rico. [Airline Horror Stories]

5. I think Northwest sucks, but whatever. [American Airlines sucks]

6. From the Independent Traveler [Airplane Horror Stories: Part Two]

7. Who knew most of these would occur in airports? [Travel Horror Stories: The Series]