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The Daily Dose – 10.15

Hot Dog Vendor1. If you’re too good for a dog from the street vendor… [Zagat 2007 New York Restaurant Guide]

2. BootsnAll is in the news again. [Rev up the search engine for these travel sites]

3. Good for trivia night or research. [Wikipod: Install some (possibly all) of Wikipedia to your iPod’s Notes folder]

4. Good to use with Mojopac? [Sandisk 2GB MicroSD: Double the Pleasure, Fun]

5. Just to keep you on your toes. [Bangalore No More]

6. I’m more of a sit at the bar, have drinks and make friends with the locals kind of girl when I’m traveling, but this works too. [Ordering Out]

7. Delta’s got Seoul. [Delta adds flights to Europe, Seoul, Dubai]