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The Essential Reference of Domestic Brews and Their Bottled Brands

Beer JokeBeer loving business travelers will find this new book handy. The Essential Reference of Domestic Brews and Their Bottled Brands has been released in its 3rd edition. What is it? It is a book that gives a wealth of information on local breweries and beer brands. Sounds like a great way to spend your off time. This “beer bible” features over 570 pages of detailed information about more than 400 U.S. brewers.

Michael Kuderka, the creator and publisher of the book has the following to say, “When I travel, even for business, my first priority for my free time is finding a local brewery where I can sample new and different ales and lagers.” HeHe – Drunk ass. Kidding. I think that is a better hobby than jogging, although I’m more of a wine girl myself.

The guide indexes more than 3,000 brands in several different ways including a geographical listing of breweries by state. Wow. The book also offers:

* State-by-state availability charts for each brewery
* Brand listings grouped by beer style
* Color and bitterness comparison charts
* “How supplied” information for each brand, listing availability of can, bottle, and keg sizes
* Over 100 brewery portfolios (utilizing each brewer’s brand labels)
* Alphabetic brewery listings

The 3rd edition of DBBB retails for $60 including shipping. Each book includes a one-year subscription to the book’s Online Companion, which is updated monthly with any brand changes, launches and discontinuations. Users who register online also will receive the monthly Show Your Style and Style Trends e-mail communications and DBBB Alerts that give real-time information about new brewery brands and brewery events. Good stuff.

To order or for more information, call 1-800-247-6553 or go online at