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The Expatriate Checklist – Good Information for Your Expat Agreement

If you’re planning on moving abroad for work, you will be interested to know Research and Markets has added The Expat Checklist to their list of offerings.

The Expat Checklist is a “practical and simple guide to items that should be considered in an expatriate agreement, including hints on developing a successful expatriate agreement.” VERY important when you’re considering working abroad.

The Expat Checklist was written by expatriates based on their experiences when negotiating their expatriate agreements. The press release also maintains the checklist will benefit HR departments in understanding the agreement from an employees perspective and help develop successful agreements. It would be useful for TEFL workers as well.

The Expat Checklist includes the following:

– Seven Simple Points to Get Started
– Salary (includes: cost of living research, currency issues, etc.)
– Money Matters (includes: banking, credit and credit cards, taxes, etc.)
– Insurance (includes: medical, life, car, etc.)
– Retirement Planning
– Housing and Car
– Schooling (for children)
– Move Package hints
– Repatriation tips
– Planning for the Worst – A Merger or Lay-off

All good things to consider. For more information, go to