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Dan McGuinnesses: The Guy From Northern Exposure and Decent Bar Food

I had my first ever celebrity sighting at Dan McGuinnesses, an Irish Pub in Nashville, Tennessee. I was trying to go to some place called Patrick’s down the street, but the parking situation didn’t look promising. Also, as laid back as I tend to be about things like dress code, I don’t think my jeans and t-shirt would have flown in that place.

The main attraction was that they are on my airline miles program, but I guess it isn’t THAT important. So I ended up at Dan McGuinnesses. I’m a big fan of Irish Pubs, so that was a-okay with me. Even if the name is probably the LEAST authentic Irish name ever in the history of the universe, the bartender seemed to be the real deal. I think, but I have been fooled by an accent before. The food was okay, but obviously bar food. I did get a little freaked out because I just watched Waiting with Ryan Reynolds and Dan’s reminded me of Shenanigans.

Just before I left, in walked the guy from Northern Exposure with his homies. You know the guy. He was on Sex in the City and My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I may have seen loads of famous people before but I never noticed. That guy has such a distinctive voice, I immediately knew it was him. I did see someplace that he is embarking on a new country music career. Dan’s is right down the street from all of the recording studios, so he may have been fresh off the job. Anyway, I wish him the best of luck.