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The Most Famous Hill in Texas: The Grassy Knoll

Grassy KnollIf you haven’t had enough conspiracy action lately or you just love JFK the movie (or JFK the man), go see Dealey Plaza and the Grassy Knoll when you’re in Dallas, Texas.

It is a place of huge historical significance, so you might as well give it a few minutes. Besides, it’s free and therefore good. The buildings surrounding the plaza, along with most of the signs have been unchanged since the 1963 assassination. In a city where everything is shiny and new, it’s an interesting change of pace. If you’re really in to it, you can visit the Sixth Floor Museum in the Book Depository building.

As creepy as it is, X marks the spot on Elm Street. There is more than one X. I’m sure one whack job or another will be happy to tell you which one is the “real” location. It seems disrespectful to me that the end of a great man’s life, whether he is a president or a farmer, should be marked with the highway department’s reflective white paint.

Am I suggesting a trip to Dallas just to see this place? Heck no. But if you’re in town it is interesting to see. The conspiracy buffs are still around, along with Jack Ruby’s concubine. You are certain to be offered a conspiracy book at a bargain price, by the author him or herself. I’m fascinated by people who devote their lives to anything, especially to an event that occurred over 40 years ago.

Not going to Dallas soon? You can see it on the Earthcam from the sixth floor window.