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The Stumble Light: Letting Travelers Go to the John Without Waking Up

Motion DetectorThe new Stumble Light by Philips Electronics came to light at the International Hotel/Motel and Restaurant Show in New York City today. What is a Stumble Light? I know it sounds like something to help drunks not run in to the coffee table, but it’s really a:

motion-activated device [which] lights a path from the bed to the bathroom with only enough light to enable a safe journey, but without the bright light that usually results in total alertness.

So really it’s like the motion-detector light in your driveway, but it’s for the loo. The Stumble Light was designed for hotel rooms so business travelers won’t have to turn on the light, and become fully awake, when using the restroom in the middle of the night.

As one of those people who has a REALLY hard time getting back to sleep once I’ve woken up, I’m SUPER excited about this product. It’s due to become available in the spring, and I know I’ll be looking for it at my favorite hotels.

Via BusinessWire.