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The Travel Technology Show in London – February 5 to 6, 2008

The Travel Technology Show will take place in London on February 5th and 6th of 2008. The people behind the show promise you can “Meet the world’s leading suppliers of technology used for travel distribution, sales, marketing, pricing and business operation.” Goodness, that sounds like a great deal for those of you in the travel industry.

The program includes hour long sessions on business travel experts, who will show you how companies have used innovative technology to improve their respective travel businesses. The sessions are free, and provide comprehensive information about the most cutting edge technology on the market. In addition, a Great Debate is scheduled in which industry leaders argue current travel technology issues. All sessions will include a question and answer portion, during which you can get the answers to your burning travel technology questions.

Equinus and will be running an Advice Centre for the 5th consecutive year, providing FREE technology advice to Show visitors. The center helps match visitors with exhibitors offering appropriate solutions and provides confidential advice on a one-to-one basis. These consultations can be pre-booked by email to

Technology is radically transforming the travel industry – make sure you at the forefront of this revolution. Travel distribution is radically changing and innovative suppliers have boosted sales and profits by employing technology that allows internet as well as traditional models of distribution. Similarly technological advances are enabling companies to save costs by automating back office functions, supplier agreements and commission payments.

The Travel Technology Show website claims attending this show can give you the following:

* Increase or create online revenue
* Enable your customers to transact effectively
* Increases website functionality and effectiveness
* Improves the look to book ratios
* Maximizes internet search engine, banner and marketing spend
* Boost revenue from existing customers
* Save costs by streamlining back office booking administration
* Manage product pricing across multiple distribution channels
* Processes commission payments and updates inventory automatically
* Reduces company IT overheads
* Allow seamless integration between sales, marketing and customer service

Enjoy the Show!