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The WisePack Backpack Purse

WisePackThe WisePack backpack purse is just what it says – a purse with all the nifty features of a backpack. As a business traveler for work and a backpacker at heart, I am IN LOVE with this product. Never mind that I’ve yet to see one in real life, I think AWESOME!

The WisePack is “lightweight, ergonomically correct and fashionable, replacing your purse and tote bag when you travel.” Ahhh, less stuff to carry. I’ve been dragging my Baggallini backpack in a pouch around with me to use during the day, and it has turned out to be a piece of garbage. Maybe the WisePack is the answer to my woes.

The WisePack is “made of black or bronze rip-stop nylon for durability, and lined with bright, contrasting colors to make finding things easy. It has the right number of pockets to keep items at your fingertips and is safe and secure for international travel. Each WisePack™ backpack purse is adorned with a jewel ornament, to make it uniquely yours. It even has a jewel?!

What’s so great about the bag? The WisePack evenly distributes your load to reduce stress on your back and neck. That’s a nice feature for your big purse girls. The interior is full of handy details. It features a handy security pocket, which rests against your back when the WisePack is on, providing a safe place for money, plane tickets, passports, and other important items. Sounds like it would be hard to get in there. In addition, the WisePack has two zipper pulls open the main section wide for loading and unloading. No dumping your purse on the table to find your passport. It is divided into two pockets, one with a Velcro closure and the interior is approximately 14″ x 10″ x 4.” The purse has a bright contrasting lining makes finding things in your bag a breeze. That’s interesting. I never would have thought of that. There are mesh pockets on each side of the backpack purse’s interior for the small stuff you don’t want to lose. And there is a pocket inside the purse designed to hold business cards. The exterior has handy features as well. Who could ask for anything more.

If you order the WisePack online, you get two bonus bags to boot. When you buy the WisePack travel backpack purse, you’ll receive two bonus bags, including the Quick Trip Bag and the All Purpose Bag.