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The World’s Only Cactus Plantation

Cactus PlantationYou’d expect to find The World’s Only Cactus Plantation somewhere in the Mojave or the Sonora. At the very least, it should be somewhere in the southwest or in Mexico. But you won’t find it there.

It’s located in Edwards, Mississippi a few miles off I-20. After seeing the billboards several times, I decided I had to check it out. I expected a sprawling field with cacti like those shown in Wiley Coyote cartoons. Not quite. The plantation consists of several greenhouses growing over 3000 types of cacti.

They even had a bargain table. I walked away with two bromeliads for the whopping price of $10.00. Sadly, I can’t even seem to keep a cactus alive and the bromeliads are no more.

Where? 1088 Champion Hill Road, Edwards, MS 39066