Disk Golf Courses

Disk GolfDisk Golf (or frisbee golf) is a great sport to play while on the road. The two frizbee size disks you need are SUPER easy to pack in your suitcase (much better than a set of real golf clubs) and it’s something you can play alone. I would WAY rather spend an afternoon at the park playing disk golf than walking on the treadmill in some crappy hotel fitness center.

Now that spring is in the air, in part of the country anyway, it’s time to get out of the hotel and have some fun in the afternoon. There are thousands of disk golf courses around the country. I even saw one in Tupelo, Mississippi a few blocks away from the supposed birthplace of Elvis Presley. For real. If you’re in a town of any size, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a place to play.




For information on courses, visit https://www.pdga.com/course/

What are you waiting for? Get your driver and your putter and go nuts.