Wye Mountain Daffodil Festival

ChaseThe Wye Mountain Daffodil festival is held each spring atop Wye Mountain near Bigelow, Arkansas and is a springtime tradition for my family. Bigelow is a short drive from the capitol city of Little Rock at approximately half an hour.

The festival is actually quite small. It includes the daffodil field (of course), along with a barbeque stand and a craft hall. Crafts include various locally made items, such as wood cuttings, homemade candles and some FANTASTIC Razorbacks wine charms that were a bargain at $5.00. I don’t like barbeque, so I can’t tell you much about the food but that it’s inexpensive.

The field is on fire with daffodils in every shade possible, from pure white to the traditional yellow to some interesting hybrids. But they are all basically yellowish. It’s quite pretty, really. And an excellent photo op if you’re in the area. I want to take a bright red kite next year, just to balance out the primary colors. I’m sure you’re all traveling with your SLR with remote control and Gorilla Gear tripod like I do, aren’t you? HeHe!




The history of the field is pretty interesting. One woman alone has planted the thousands of daffodils over the years.

DaffodilsDonations are appreciated, so take a few singles. You are welcome to pick the flowers in designated areas; I believe the price is about a buck for a dozen.

To get there, follow Highway 10 West (Cantrell Road) past lake Maumelle. You’ll turn right at Highway 113, which is marked by a sign that says “Daffodils.” Follow 113 until you see the field on the left. It’s pretty hard to miss.

The festival is going on this weekend, but you can visit the field any time the flowers are in bloom. For future festival dates, call (501) 330-2403 when the flowers start blooming.