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Time is on My Side….With FlyteSource-Mobile™

2I can think of a lot of cool stuff to do with a couple of hours in any given city, so it chaps my hide to arrive at the airport only to find my flight has been delayed. If you fly frequently, you’ve been there – lots. But once you reach the airport, there isn’t much hope. All you can really do with that extra time is get your “double for two dollars more” at the bar.

Who wants to get to the airport 90 minutes early just to find you’ll be sitting in the lounge for 2 hours? Or even earlier if you have to turn in your rental car? No one in their right mind WANTS to hang out at the airport any longer than they have to. Whether you’re flying or picking someone up, news of a flight delay can be more valuable than gold to the business traveler. I’ve circled O’Hare a time or two waiting to pick up colleagues and it’s not fun.

Sure you can check the flight status online, but what if you’re someplace without internet access? Now, for $3.99 a month plus the cost of data usage on your phone, you can subscribe to FlyteSource-Mobile™. With this program, you can do the following:


  • use your cell phone to track flights in real time
  • look for alternate flights
  • check the weather for any given airport
  • set up favorite airports for easy access and
  • dial the airline directly from the application

This application works with the big guys, including Cingular, Nextel and Sprint. T-Mobile and Verizon are in the works.