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Tired of Singing in the Car? Get Audio Books at Crackerbarrel

I love to sing in the car. If you ever see me driving down the road, I will probably be singing at the top of my lungs. With all of the singing practice I’ve gotten by traveling for work for the last year and a half, you would think I would sound like a songbird by now. It just hasn’t happened. Ask any of my friends about me whaling at karaoke.

When you get tired of the sound of your own voice (if that’s possible), you can always turn to audio books.

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store has a good Books on Audio rental program. You first have to purchase the tape or CD at any Cracker Barrel location. To my understanding, they have over 200 titles at each location. Once you’re finished with the book (or CD or whatever you call it?) you return the book to the closest location for a refund. You are refunded the full purchase price minus $3.49 per week of rental.

Cracker Barrels are available in most states, and are frequently found near the interstates. The food is Down Home Country Cooking, but don’t worry, you don’t have to eat there to get the books. They also have really delicous smelling car fresheners to make your company owned Ford Taurus smell nice.

You can check the to find the closest Cracker Barrel.