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Tired of Singing in the Car? Surf the Web From Your Cell Phone with Opera Mini™

HomepageWant to check your favorite forum, website or businesstravellogue incessantly, even when you’re away from your PC? Get Opera Mini™ and surf the web (the real web) directly from your phone.

Okay, so this isn’t really cutting-edge technology but it’s new to me. I just downloaded Opera Mini™ 2.0 for my cell phone and I LOVE it. Other than being a little slow, which I suspect is more a problem with Cingular than the Mini, it works like a charm. I checked out the BTL (that’s Business Travel Logue, if you can’t figure out the acronym) and it looked great! With URL, Google and Wikipedia search engines on the front page, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.

Opera uses Small-Screen Rendering™ to allow users to browse the web from their cell phones without scrolling horizontally. According to the Opera website: Most sites are written for, and tested exclusively on desktop computers with large color monitors. Mobile wireless devices typically have much smaller screens, and until today, it has been a challenge to present Web pages on these. Opera’s Small-Screen Rendering™ technology intelligently reformats today’s Web sites to fit inside the screen width, thereby eliminating the need for horizontal scrolling.

This is a FREE download, so you really don’t have much to lose (other than the internet usage charge for your service provider).

Opera Mini™is a JAVA based program, that will allow pretty much any cell phone user to access the web provided your phone was made after 2001. If your phone is pre-millennium, you probably qualify for a free upgrade so go see you service provider and get with the times.

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