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Transylvania, Louisiana: Home of the Coolest Water Tower in the World

Water TowerHow does one end up in Transylvania, Louisiana? For me, it used to be on the way to the beach. Starting when I was a whippersnapper, my family vacation every year consisted of driving the 12 hours to Destin, Florida in the summer.

Transylvania, with its AWESOME water tower and General Store, was THE landmark of the trip. Besides the post office, those are actually the only two structures in the whole town. As a sales person, I’ve driven through several times when visiting clients in north Louisiana. I love that water tower.

What is there to do in Transylvania? Not much. You could send a postcard with a cool postmark or you can buy a t-shirt. They used to be pretty cool, but last time I stopped in they weren’t so great. There isn’t much else to do in the entire region, except maybe visit the Panola Pepper Farm. Make sure your tank is full because there isn’t even a gas station.

So if you’re ever in extreme north Louisiana between Lake Providence and Tallulah, go have a look-see. I bet rebellious teenagers climb the tower all the time. I might even take a climb next time I’m in town.