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Travel Innovation Summitt at Phocuswright 2009

tiswebheader09I love start-ups.  I’m at a start-up (BTN).  I reckon, if you have $15 million or less in revenue per year, you are a start-up!  You can be wiped off the face of the earth at any time

I was able to watch all 34 participants in the Travel Innovation Summit yesterday and it was a tonne of fun.  We were playing around on Twitter during the presentations, giving our feedback both positive, constructive, and funny.  Check out the hash tag of Phocuswright and read the archives from November 17th to see what folks were talking about.  There is a bit of an echo chamber on twitter when lotsa peeps are in there.

My two favorite innovators were:

Amadeus – #pcaffinityshop hash tag on twitter
Denis Lacroix presented
Airfare searching via from field – and price (don’t need to and from)
Freaking sweet – new inspiring user experiences

I can’t find a website for these folks.  They are part of Amadeus so they built the technology for partners, of which they demo’ed the Lufthansa product.  Loved out you can search for an airfare – without know your destination, just how much you wanted to spend.

Everytrail – iPhone App #pcglobalmotion hashtag
Trails and walking trails while you are walking.  The CEO said that they get 1000 uploaded trails per day I think it was.  Very fun.

The Four Finalists as judged by the audience are:

Amadeus IT Group, Gliider, EveryTrail,

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