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Travel Jobs: Adventure Ambassador for Fresh Tracks Travel

Adventure TravelWant to travel for work, but you’re just not the savvy business person? Don’t we all. Fresh Tracks Travel has a heck of a “job” for adventurous travelers out there. Okay, it’s more of a free trip than an actual job, but certainly worth looking in to if you have big plans coming up.

Fresh Tracks Travel is based in Vancouver, Canada, and is an independent travel and adventure company. My kinda people. They are looking for people to fill the roll of Adventure Ambassadors, which means you’ll get PAID to take your next adventure. You’ll do your thing and report on a weekly basis. Fresh Tracks prefers people who are already planning great trips to places where they currently operate, including Canada, Alaska, Australia and New Zealand.

“You can be an adventurer at any age. We are interested in those individuals who are planning to step outside their own comfort zones,” says CEO John Parker, explaining that the company is not just looking for dare-devil younger travelers, but people of all ages who show the ‘Fresh Tracks Spirit’.

Apply here.

Via Bootblog.