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Travel Jobs – Chief Beer Officer: So You Want to Travel for Work but You Couldn’t Sell a Nudie Mag in a Boys’ Locker Room…

BeerBe the Chief Beer Officer. That’s right, another non-sales travel job. Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide is looking for a Chief Beer Officer. CBO – it’s like being a CEO, but WAY cooler. So if you’re one of those people who has your name immortalized on the wall of your favorite beer bar for trying all 237 types of brew, or if you’re part of the “Beer Police” (I am) at the local microbrewery, you might want to listen up.

The search started yesterday, so you better get on the move. The lucky person will have a host of benefits, including expense account, frequent travel and loads of Starwoods points. What does it pay? Who cares? You’re traveling the globe drinking. I would just about pay to do this job.

What do you do? You’d be an independent contractor, traveling the globe to microbreweries, tours and beer festivals to find the best beers in the world for the “Best Brew” program offered by Starwood. What else? You’d blog about the beer. I would TOTALLY be in to this job, but I’m more of a wine girl.

According to, the requirements are as follows:

ü Act as a beer ambassador for the hotel at microbrewery tours, beer festivals and on bar stools across the country.

ü Develop an intimate knowledge of the over 200 domestic and imported beers that are part of the Best Brews Program (which will be supplied to the candidate)

ü Introduce these to the public through monthly blog reviews.

Where do you apply? Right here.