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Travel Jobs: Chivas Life Ambassador for Chivas Regal Scotch Whiskey

ChivasThis is the coolest travel job I’ve seen so far (closely followed by the Chief Beer Officer for Starwood Hotels). The Chivas Life Ambassadors are hired as a team of two to represent Chival Regal and “seek out extraordinary moments in inspiring locations.” The pair travels the world searching for The Chivas Life moments and events and reports their adventures on So basically, it’s a really well paid blogging job. The pair is appointed for 1 year, so you won’t retire doing this job. What do you get for all of your hard efforts globe trotting for fun? $200,000 USD. That’s some serious cabbage.

Job Requirements: You have to be outgoing, passionate, at least 25 years old, able to work in the US and APPLY AS A PAIR. I think that’s the hard part. I couldn’t find anyone to apply for the Amazing Race with me, I doubt I could find anyone to apply for this job. If anyone needs a pair, I think I could probably be persuaded to sign up. I’m pretty much free for the next year. They’re looking for: “abilities regarding communication, creative problem solving, public speaking skills and zeal for the task at hand.”

A Day in the Life: Ambassadors will be responsible for researching, identifying and delivering documentation of extraordinary experiences pertaining to adventure, passion and relaxation. They will attend specific Chivas Life functions and interact with the public and media to detail their experiences in the position.

Let me guess? You can’t wait to sign up. There are 2 ways to apply for the consulting “job.” The first is by downloading the online application. You must create a videotape or DVD telling why you and your partner would be spectacular for the job. Details are in the application.

The second is to apply in person when the Chivas Studio comes to your area. The Studio will be in Miami- January 20, Chicago- February 17, Los Angeles- March 24 and the final candidates will meet in Las Vegas- April 21.

Applications must be submitted by March 30, 2007, so you have a little while to perfect your video.

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