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Travelocity Destination Alerts

TravelocityTravelocity has introduced the new “Destination Alerts” to allow customers to foresee possible challenges to their trips with more specifics on a hotel property and regional/area events while reviewing their options. These alerts provide a plethora of information, such as a local festival drawing big crowds and filling up area hotels or severe weather or other events impacting the destination. Travelocity will post an alert giving travelers the 411 as they make decisions. That sounds really handy. I’ve accidentally run in to local events during my business travels. While it can be a good time, it can also be a huge hassle.

Travelocity has also created a 90-day calendar shopping tool to give travelers the ability to see the most affordable days to stay at a GoodBuy hotel. The hotels flexible date shopping tool allows travelers to view the room rate for their selection over the next three months in one simple visual calendar. That is AWESOME!

In addition, “Property Alerts” inform travelers of possible policy changes at a specific hotel property, such as a new smoke-free policy or current construction. Customers are alerted during the booking process so they can easily change their itinerary prior to purchase. If the customer care team becomes aware of a change after the booking, Travelocity will contact customers to offer to rebook the reservations and find a suitable hotel replacement.