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Travelocity TravelToos for App Store

The iPhone is by far the biggest news in the communications industry these days. Those who pay attention to these kinds of things should already know about the new App Store. The App Store is a place where iPhone users can score all kinds of great applications for their phones, either for free or for a small price. Travelocity just announced a new iPhone application called TravelTools, created to offer iPhone and iPod Touch users “an innovative set of travel features while they are on the road.”

TravelTools by Travelocity is made to make your travel experience a little easier, and sounds like a fantastic tool for business travelers. It includes a feature called “Hotels Near Me,” which provides a list of nearby hotels, with links to maps, hotel descriptions, and booking options. It’s like looking up nearby hotels on your navigation system, except it provides much more information. In addition, the application allows users to manage itineraries booked on Travelocity, provides information on flight status and provides estimated TSA security checkpoint wait times.

“Our ongoing development for Apple’s iPhone OS is a manifestation of our commitment to provide comprehensive services to travelers 24/7,” said Jeffrey Glueck, chief marketing officer, Travelocity. “The newest Travelocity application exemplifies our philosophy of Customer Championship and our promise to customers to be there throughout their entire trip.”

TravelTools will be a free download on the App Store or at worldwide from Apple’s App Store.