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Travelocity’s FareWatcher Plus Airfare Tracking System

TravelocityTravelocity has launched a new service with FareWatcher Plus, a free, personalized service that automatically tracks the best round-trip airfares to selected destinations and sends e-mail alerts to subscribers when prices change.

What a great deal if your business travels take you to the same destinations repeatedly!

“Airline prices change by the second, and we understand how difficult it can be to find the trip you want at the price you want,” said Jeffrey Glueck, chief marketing officer Travelocity. “It’s impossible for travelers to dedicate time every day to search for the right price on airfare. With FareWatcher Plus we are making it easier for them to find the trip they want at the price they want. For example, in the Dallas to Boston market this year we have tracked fare drops of more than $40 on 28 different days – the most we’ve seen in 2007.”

Goodness. Those are a lot of changes. I guess it’s to compete with new services like FareCast and Yapta, both of which I wrote about several months ago. FareWatcher Plus offers a control panel for setting up fare tracking and email alerts.

The new offering gives travelers the ability to monitor roundtrip airfares from ten city pairs and search links to low price package deals to their chosen destinations.