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TrekDesk Workstation for Treadmills

You can look at the new TrekDesk, a product created to help you shed the pounds while you work. You can look at this product in one of two ways. Either this baby can help you lose the spare tire while you’d otherwise be working or you can assume this means you’re so busy working you can’t take the time out to exercise. I think the first is the more optimistic option, so we’ll go with that one. If it really works, I kinda’ wish I could log a few miles while I’m writing for you nice folks.

So what’s with this TrekDesk? This is a workstation that fits over a treadmill to create a desk, supposedly allowing you to work and walk at the same time. It sounds great and all, but I’m not sure how well I could type while walking. But I’m not a particularly good typist and my fingernails get in the way on the itsy keyboard. The TrekDesk offers a 72″ x 34″ surface area where you can put all of your gear like your laptop and even a beverage. The press release mentions coffee specifically, but I’ll go out on a limb and say water would be a better option.

“This may sound too good to be true but the advantages of TrekDesk are backed by solid medical evidence focusing on the benefits of consistent daily walking,” states Steve Bordley, TrekDesk President and Founder. “We encourage everyone to read the medical studies at TrekDesk’s website ( The evidence is irrefutable. Daily walking has been shown to improve almost every facet of health.”

I love the part on the website that says “CHAIRS MAKE YOU FAT.” It’s almost inspired me to create an “I Hate Chairs Because they Make You Fat” Facebook group. The folks behind the TrekDesk have provided medical studies proving the benefits of walking. Was that really necessary? I’m no personal trainer, but I’m pretty certain every grown-up in the entire world knows that exercise is good for you. No need to prove that point. The niche of such a product would be for those who may not have another solid opportunity to exercise during the day, such as workers in high rise building or those in the Northeast in the winter time. Hotels could maybe have one on hand for the business travelers who prefer to answer emails while on the move.

I do see how the TrekDesk could have benefits and I’d certainly be willing to try one out, but they need to work on the marketing a little.