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Trips Social Networking Travel Application for Facebook

FacebookFacebook is getting even cooler with a new travel application that lets users do all sorts of nifty things. It sounds so great that I’m seriously thinking of defecting from MySpace (okay, I’ve been thinking about doing that anyway). The new application is brought to you by SideStep, a web based travel search company. The application, called Trips, is “a social travel application built on Facebook Platform, which enables companies and developers to build applications for the Facebook website.” In English, that means the new Trips application lets Facebook users share their travel plans and to make new friends while traveling. Kind of like WAYN, but on Facebook. That’s my guess anyway.

According to the press release, Trips “simplifies the process of planning trips and sharing travel experiences. Using Trips, Facebook users can list upcoming trips as well as future travel interests, then display them on their profile page to their friends and networks. Additionally, users can search for other Facebook users with similar travel interests and discover who will be traveling or has traveled to the same destinations.” That really sounds EXACTLY like what I need. I am fortunate enough to be able to take a short trip once a month and I need a good way to plan those with my friends.

Check it out if you’re a member and let me know how it works…