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TSA Delays Registered Flyer Program?

TSAIn an article posted TODAY, dated June 20, 2006, ABC News gives us the breaking news that the TSA has delayed the registered traveler program. I guess it’s just happened so many times ABC decided not to trouble themselves with writing new articles or even re-dating them.

Has it happened again or not? I’ve searched the far reaches of the internet and this article is the only recent article on the subject. I’m thinking not.

The TSA nazis are much more concerned right now with holiday travelers taking their 10 oz. conditioner bottles on-board. YOU CAN ONLY CARRY-ON LIQUIDS IN AMOUNTS OF 3 OZ. OR LESS IN A CLEAR PLASTIC BAG. Seems easy enough, but people still seem to have trouble with the concept.

I guess you can still have a registered traveler card with your turkey.