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TSA Registered Traveler Program News: Clear is…Cleared

SecurityThe TSA just barely missed the Turkey Day implementation deadline. The first registered traveler program, Clear by Verified Identity Pass, was officially approved yesterday by the Transportation Security Administration. The program is designed to expedite airport security for frequent travelers who register for the program and pass an extensive screening.

The program has been tested in Orlando, Florida over the last few months and will expand to include Cincinnati, Indianapolis, San Jose and New York JFK Terminal 7 and between 12 and 20 airports in the next year. Enrollment for the above listed airports is available now through Clear’s website. The price is set at $99.95, $28 of which covers the cost of the TSA security screening. According to the TSA press release,

Passengers choosing to join the RT program will submit limited biographic information coupled with a biometric identifier. TSA will a conduct security threat assessment on applicants to determine program eligibility. Fee collection and RT card issuance is the responsibility of the private sector enrollment provider.

By biometric identifier, they apparently mean a retina scan.

Who else wants in on that action? GE Security sure does. They’ve entered the ring with their new SRT Kiosk. The SRT Kiosk combines the GE Shoe Scanner, explosives detection (not the bees) and biometric identification to facilitate the Registered Traveler programs. GE was scheduled to preview the SRT today in DC. So far, no news is available in the blogosphere or even GE Security’s website.