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TSA Special Security Lanes

The TSA has decided to expand existing airport security checkpoints next month to include separate lanes for families and for expert travelers. No, this isn’t breaking news, USA Today published the story several days ago but I thought I should put my two cents in on the whole deal.

The program will begin with six airports, and will then been expanded if the program is a success. Last month, Denver and Salt Lake City airports were the test sites with favorable results. A spokesperson for the TSA said the new lanes decreased waiting times and traveler stress.

According to the article, this program creates three lanes, including one for families, a second for pro travelers (like us) and a third for casual” travelers. No, you aren’t going to get tackled if you use the “wrong” lane. The program is voluntary, but hopefully passengers will be respectful enough of their fellow travelers to follow the guidelines.

“Families feel less pressure to rush at checkpoints and are increasingly remembering to remove liquids from their carry-on bags. That reduces the number of bags that go through time-consuming hand-searches when screeners spot bottles while scanning the bags on X-ray machines,” remarked TSA Spokesperson Christopher White.

I’m afraid rushing travelers will see the fast-moving expert lane and throw all etiquette out the window. But people need to understand that business travelers know the score with airport security. I can have my liquids out, coat and purse in one bin and laptop in a second in two shakes of a lamb’s tail. Families, on the other hand, don’t travel as often and have to deal with their children’s luggage. They also don’t want to be more than 5 feet away from each other at any time, which is understandable but slows down the whole process for those stuck behind them.

Bring it on TSA, I’m a fan.

Via USA Today